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Make use of public Wi-Fi securely!

Public Wi-Fi networks are a blessing for people who want to be connected while on the road. They provide easy access to the internet, often without a password. Sadly, there is also a downside: a lack of security. Anybody with malicious intent could easily be watching everything you do, and even steal your passwords.

There is an simple way to avoid this. With GOOSE you redirect all your internet traffic through a heavily encrypted tunnel. On a public network, others will be able to see that you are connected, but thanks to the powerful encryption, they will not see what you are doing. Hence, it is possible to make use of public Wi-Fi spots securely.

Your favourite television programmes, wherever you are!

Today, many programmes are broadcasted online, through services like Netflix, but also through television channel’s websites, like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All4 and Sky Go. A lot of foreign channels have similar services. Convenient, but unfortunately, increasingly location restricted. As an example, American programmes are often only viewable for internet users in the United States.

Using GOOSE, you will no longer be restricted by these borders. We can redirect your internet traffic to a wide variety of countries, changing your perceived location. With only a few mouse clicks, you will be able to watch your favourite programmes in a fast and secure way, from any location.

Buy cheap local products!

Online shopping is a convenient solution for the modern consumer. One of the most significant advantages is that you can easily compare prices. Clever consumers even compare prices abroad, because often the prices of our online shops are higher than those of European or American competitors.

However, this does not always work out. There are a number of foreign online shops that will block your connection if you try to shop there from the UK. Using the VPN service provided by GOOSE you can easily make it seem like you are connecting from another country, so that this problem no longer occurs. In this way, you can buy cheap local products!

Access all websites!

When you connect to the internet, you automatically send an IP address to every website that you visit. On the basis of this information a website can determine where you are, which content you can and cannot see, and in some cases, whether you’re even allowed onto the website at all. There are advantages to this, even for users, but there are also disadvantages, because you cannot personally decide what your IP address will be.

Using GOOSE, this is no longer the case. We have a host of different IP addresses for you to choose from. It only takes a matter of seconds to select a new IP address, making it possible to connect to any and all websites, wherever you are!

Your data is secure!

Being safe and secure on the internet is incredibly important, because you not only use the internet to read the latest news or see the weather forecast, but also to do your internet banking, your taxes or shop online.

Thanks to the GOOSE Virtual Private Network, you can send sensitive information through the internet on a daily basis with no worries.

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